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Best Thai Herbs The only one in the world From the available evidence, it is found that the black krachai in this world is found only in Thailand and in Lao PDR, but the best species in Thailand, the best species is the dark-colored Krachai Black. (Dark purple - black) is a medicinal plant. Heady Belong to the same family as ginger But has meat in purple to dark black The cultivation of the Black Krachai Dam was found to be the most difficult to difficult, especially in order to obtain the quality of Krachai Dam with the drug The most complete essential substances must start from the cultivated area, must be soil of rich mineral quality



Most of them must be mountainous soil. And a new soil that has never been cultivated before It is at a suitable altitude, not lower than 600 meters above sea level, the air is clean and must not be too cold or too hot. Water mainly uses water from seasonal rain. Black ginger can be grown only once a year. And the good Black Ginger must be harvested at 9-12 months.

Good species of Black Ginger must be black or purple?

          The name called Black Ginger makes most people understand that it has to be black. It would be another inaccurate understanding about the Black Ginger for always been that That the good Krachai Dam must be black onlyKrachai Black that is commonly found in light purple to dark purple. (Some people call it light blue - dark blue), some species are light brown. The separation of species is not yet clear. And found that the name was mostly called according to the planting area, such as Khek Noi, Rom Klao, Chiang Mai, Na Haeo, totaling more than 10 species

HiPRO selects only one species of Black Ginger.

That has the best properties are species that have a dark purple color

Through the compilation of research, it was found that the best black Ginger must have a dark purple color and have a specific species. The darker the more, the more important. Ginger is black, black. Is the black ginger that has been boiled or steamed Through a process that is not natural With the reason starting from because in the past Different nationalists come to buy herbal ingredients from Thailand. Holding a Thai herbal medicine book Know local Thai herbs better than we Thai people. But with Black Ginger himself Originated in Thailand Which is cultivated by the Hmong people and is regarded as the traditional herb of the Hmong people Because of the properties of the Black Ginger that has the power to cure various diseases, it is no surprise that these Hmong people have to cherish what they have. Therefore, boiling or steaming the Black Ginger so that foreigners or buyers can not buy processing can be grown to other places

In Black Ginger, has 5,7-Dimethoxyflavone and FLAVONOID and Natural Glycine.

- Create a balanced blood circulation system.

- Complete maintenance and rehabilitation

- Providing energy and nourishing muscle repair

- Reduce blood sugar levels

- Helps the body relax and deep sleep

It is a medicinal plant, able to produce effective effects on the human body quickly and with great performance. 

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The best Species of Black Ginger to ensure the quality of the drink. The innovation from HIPRO gives you more Properties.
Full of benefits from Black Ginger

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