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"Refreshing Life for Your New Day"

Black Ginger Extract innovation from HiPRO



The best Species of Black Ginger to ensure the quality of the drink. The innovation from HIPRO gives you more Properties.

Full of benefits from Black Ginger


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Choose HIPRO taste that's right for you.

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- Black Ginger Extract

Mixed Vitamin A, B6, C

"Refreshing Life for Your New Day"

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- ฺBlack Ginger Extract

- Jiaogulan Extract

Mixed Vitamin A, B6, C

"Refreshing Life for Your New Day"

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Why try HiPRO ?

HiPRO is a new type of drink has the main features derived from the Natural ingredient. Herbal Krachai Dam extract (Black Ginger), mixed with multi-vitamins ( Vitamin A, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C). Certifying that this type of beverage that will make every people can pay more attention to health without having spending expensive money. Creating a high-quality drink that is equivalent to an expensive supplement.

The taste of HiPRO

Very Delicious with mixed fruit flavour. Balance with Sweet and sour tastes.

Who should drink HiPRO?

People who need body recovery
People who need better body performance
People who need better body balance
People who need muscle and body relaxation



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